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Our Beliefs:

  • We believe that every student is important and can learn.
  • We believe that learning to read is the cornerstone for all education.
  • We believe that family and community involvement benefits student achievement.
  • We believe that continuous improvement is essential to the growth and development of both student and staff members.
  • We believe that a safe and secure environment is essential for teaching and learning.


Congratulations to Sneads Elementary Teacher of the Year, Marissa Ballard!  

Congratulations to Sneads Elementary School-Related Employee of the Year, Lynne Weeks!



Thank you to all the 4th and 5th Graders that participated in the 2016 Spelling Bee. Awesome Job!

5th Grade

1st Place- Emily Lamoureaux (L) Runner-up- Gracie Fierro (R)

4th Grade (Below)

1st Place- Leela Helms

1st Grade Annual Pumpkin Contest (Details under "Spotlight")



Pictured Below (L to R): Ella Sprouse (Girls 8-Square Champion/Runner-up for school), Melanie Chason (Teacher 8-Square Champion), and Jason Patterson (Sneads Elementary 8-Square Champion)


 Upcoming class trips:

 3-17-17: 4th Grade going to Waste Management Landfill





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Sneads Elementary 1st Grade Pumpkin Contest
Spotlight Image
Sneads Elementary School held its annual pumpkin contest for first grade and had 28 entries. The categories were Painted, Carved,...

Is this the year that a 3rd or 4th grader will take the "8-Square Champion" title at Sneads Elementary School?
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